For O2O Entrepreneurs how to create one billion enterprise

the product uses review /shark Stanford University recently launched a business course, who is Professor of science and technology by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful. The first day of the course is over…

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Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship course, professor is composed of Silicon Valley’s most successful founder of science and technology. The first day of the course has been completed, the famous investor Sam Altman in which tells us some secret entrepreneurship in YC incubator, another Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz also made a wonderful speech. Anyone who teaches in an entrepreneurial class has built a multibillion dollar business.

in fact, whether you want to start their own business trip, or simply have a strong interest in science and technology culture, the first entrepreneurial course is still worth a visit.

in order to let the reader can easily understand some of the essence of the classroom, I summed up the 11 very helpful suggestions, may wish to take a look at what it is:

1, "you should not go to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, in fact, if you simply want to make money, so there is a lot of simple methods, but if you choose to start, the most important thing is to have out of the ordinary passion, and entrepreneurship should be put in the second."

Altman and Moskovitz two people have come up with a convincing example to tell you if the start-up company will make money as the main strategy, the results will not be too optimistic. Moskovitz shows a chart, which shows that in a $one billion company, an outstanding talent can reach 100 employees.

in Silicon Valley, there are many shortcuts to make you a millionaire, and if you put ten years into an examination of the idea, the risk is very big.

2, "the world needs you to do something, and if you’re not doing what the world needs, do something that the world needs."

has always had a kind of argument, that is, the founder of the founder of their own creative ideas are very persistent, full of enthusiasm. Moskovitz also expressed his views on this point of view. Unless you think if we do not develop this product you can not live, but you know, if your company to survive the most difficult thing, you do not live, but if you really want to get, one way to black, certainly no one will follow you.

3, "most excellent company will stick to a good idea, or creative, they will often transition, if your company from time to time to transition to, then they wouldn’t become a big business."

founders often feel that they can start with a

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