Love Shanghai love Shanghai investment promotion bid launched flash new style

promotion style with a vertical product to show love Shanghai, according to the official statement, its significance lies in the structured information display, the user experience is enhanced, the transformation path is shortened and the conversion rate steadily. Another is when keywords ranking first, can show with pictures, click to preview to enlarge. The flash charging method is CPC investment model, its ranking mechanism, competition mechanism, personalization with love is the same as the ordinary Shanghai promotion. The only difference is, it needs to provide another product library management by love Shanghai promotion assistant to install the plug-in, like Shanghai also set as a separate promotion.

now love Shanghai search results more and more be the most changeful whether the natural search rankings, or pay PPC, can this two love Shanghai should put a lot of resources to carry out search results show the micro innovation.

)Investment promotion style:


What is the flash cast: >

flash cast qualification:


KA and VIP 3000+ customers, consumer non medical industry customers (PS: This is the official explanation, love Shanghai customer service gave me an address for application, let me submit an application, looks like the day consumption amount is not mandatory index.


for the love of Shanghai PPC, we also see the show form from the traditional ideas, but a way to promotion, the discount page promotion, a telephone and a web page identifier, call back button, in recent months, Shanghai has a love backstage area, enterprises know quiz promotion additional pages value promotion. And these days, 39 had found peer bidding show some different promotion style, the new name is love Shanghai flash shots.

flash cast graphic chain

fine, natural search ranking results we can see the recommended results right "other people still search and search results; love Shanghai" official website "button; picture; micro-blog’s latest list of relevant information; 400 phone authentication and company style; shopping search, from time to time there will be love Shanghai micro purchase frame; for the news source station will appear in the latest news results appeared in graphic display style and so on, can be said that natural search results style diversification also let us focus these keywords ranking of Shanghai dragon more on the whole network of integrated marketing of the road, of course, this is a digression.

Shanghai is affiliated to the flash love cast a phoenix nest launch, the operating system for the promotion of assistant in an upgraded version of the plugin. Flash cast is structured product information on the scale based on user management, expand the module, through keyword phrases, preferably to capture more high quality long tail flow, creative template automatic generation and update, automatic delivery management, is committed to improving the advertisers running way and effect.

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