Novice webmaster experience how to build perfect internal website optimization

when you determine the keywords and web directory, try to make the tree structure, so that one can make readers clearly and accurately navigate to the web site, improve the user experience. On the other hand, the search engine is so few, generally has the following benefits: URL standard, structure is clear at a glance, keywords layout accurate, consistent user experience and so on.

for the website internal links, try not to appear dead chain, you think, when a spider jubilant along to this address "foraging", finally found what are not, tossing back and forth sieve, will cause the search engine antipathy. This time, we need a 404 page to tell the spider, this page does not exist, don’t come, friendly to remind it, this will not cause spider. It is made of 404 pages, do not automatically jump, it is best to manually click on the link.

site map

and 404 page links

as a novice webmaster, you should know that "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, the webmaster of the truth, but with the love of Shanghai in recent months big action, resulting in a lot of acquisition station and pseudo original station is K or drop right, this is also confirmed from the side of the sea is in love and more attention to the user experience of the problem. How to improve the user experience, one important point is: the internal optimization is good, this is not only conducive to the user more convenient to read web content, improve the user experience; more advantageous to the spider crawling, has a good effect on the website of Shanghai dragon. Today I will introduce from the following aspects of internal optimization, hope to give some suggestions to the novice webmaster.


two, the web site directory

is also called the site map site map, it is a page on the website, placed above all page links. The Shanghai dragon, the site map of the benefits of even more: 1, the search engine spiders can browse the entire site links to 2 and provides links to search engine spiders, pointing to the dynamic page or by other methods is difficult to reach the page. There are a lot of free tools to help you generate a site map on the Internet, or online; many CMS program which will bring this plugin.

when you have identified the site, you can choose to do for each directory website name for these keywords, keywords increase emergence rate, improve the keyword density. In the web page, to do through the optimization of the long tail keywords, how to find the long tail keywords, not go into here. Here is a good habit, every day with a table to record your article title, keywords and link address, the aim is to anchor text can make you very good to do another article keywords in an article in the. Not to say the benefits.

The tree structure of

, a web site keywordsKeywords Three,

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