The Shanghai dragon is no longer boring is pumped into the system

We discuss several

according to two months bonus standard: website ranking 5, the team award 200 yuan, ranking the home page, the incentive group of 400 yuan, up 800 top 3 Award, rising first Award 2000; IP increased 20-50%, personal reward 100 yuan; increased 50-80%, personal reward 200 yuan; increased by more than 80% people the reward of more than 300, depending on the situation. Two of the group’s bonus together has tens of thousands, obviously, the boss of a pit, the end of the month, the boss see this month financial reporting form, said sit still, to several of our supervisor and director call to the office to discuss a few days ago. The boss just door said: Although the ranking is up, but too much of this money, profit of the company every month only 10 a few 200 thousand, was not so much, but they are happy, this bonus system is not tight, too loose, or the number of prize money down, to set. A reward system.

2 days results, lower bonuses make people feel a bit, so choose a appearing nervous in public, changing incentives – pumped into. Before the company’s only business department has pumped into, promotion departments have not, so there are some time ago the bonus system. Now business promotion department and decided to put together, because these two departments are depend on each other, ranked high, high flow, business performance is high, pumping high achievement, if we do not push their ranking, also is a tragedy. So I decided the Promotion Department of the Ministry of pumping into according to the business performance to develop.

business department was divided into 3 groups, now integrated into two groups. Of course, the grouping is just to make sense of competition between employees has a positive working attitude, formed the race each other. While the two group’s performance in 10 tens of thousands, each group were responsible for several games, and then by the business department to provide keywords to the promotion department, and the Department is responsible for the promotion of push ranking. The performance of single group of more than 100 thousand, the Promotion Department of the group by pumping into more than part of the 4%, no more than 100 thousand have pumped into. For example: a single set of performance next month if it reaches 150 thousand, then 50 thousand of the 4%, is the team get pumped into 2000, each group of 4 people, then average.

a few days ago I wrote an article "the Shanghai Longfeng work is no longer dull bonus and performance", two months ago, in order to inspire us, improve work efficiency, decided to give us temporary bonuses for this, but it will be canceled, the reason is very simple, the boss sent money. Last month, 6 new games and all keywords, extension personnel are involved in this new game, there is a bonus, a vacation, we are very hard, although the outcome is not very good, but so far the 2 group is responsible for the site has 3 words on the first 5 moreover, there are 3 in the first row, the other in the home, also a lot of traffic.

in addition to our director, in addition to the above smoke, as long as the employees take charge after the position, from the new head of the.

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