Lin Haoming the suggestions to optimize the blog program emlog 2


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before the optimization techniques mentioned in the navigation column to set up their own blog classification into words written on the navigation bar, we look at the red circle with four columns, four navigation column is the key words and bold. On the one hand, let search engines crawl faster, on the one hand is to make the search engine more sensitive to the words. Although the setting method is very inconspicuous, but for Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very helpful.


skill setSet the

using nofollow


title& description

Title Method with description are mentioned in the Shanghai dragon 20 acument blog optimization tips, today we use Tang Shijun’s settings to explain! Title A total of 33 words, the search engine can be displayed at all; description a total of 78 words, the search engine can be all but this is reality, grab the limit of search engine, we title in the 30 Chinese characters, 75 Chinese characters in description. When we set up too much and have no meaning, because the search engine can’t grab.

nofollow is a acument introduced for some outbound links for nofollow shielding, such as: acument blog looking for Bole banners, blog comments etc.. We can see two lines of code under the above micro blog and login, were added to the nofollow directive. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a detail optimization work, must put all the details well in order to optimize the better. Of course, if we stand for some companies, then contact us online message like can be considered for shielding nofollow, because those pages of search engine is not much significance.

emlog navigation skills set

emlog this blog program many novice Adsense all love this program, because the procedure is relatively simple and easy to use. At the same time has also been using acument blog blog with this program, some time ago the emlog database into WordPress database, the program to replace the WordPress but did not do so. Some time ago by acument blog as a emlog optimization case wrote emlog optimization techniques (on), today in Tang Shijun blog Haoming Shanghai Longfeng optimization to give you an analysis of emlog optimization techniques (below).



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