love mules do stand must not hurry from the site down right about

we all know, station group are powerful because of the outer chain is too strong, so, in order to go beyond the stations must be more than him in the chain, so full of crazy hair the chain, I do second things wrong this time, because the number of the chain names than the number of the chain is more important so, I try to increase the number of the chain domain name, my approach is to love Shanghai "search advertising by area Powered Discuz!", search out all BBS advertising area, basically can send the chain, this method increases the number of the chain domain name is the fastest, but also the no return, because short-term suddenly a massive increase in the chain, and almost all are from the Discuz forum advertising plate, this show is not reasonable, right down will become inevitable. The result is a major search engine all right down, just fall in love with the sea less to some flow, after it is love Shanghai, Google both right down, soso directly by K, now no flow.

is stations squeezed out, first saw those keywords are not standing group of occupation, but I didn’t do it, then I will find the home of title, plus a has not been standing group of occupation of key words, this is the first thing I do, but later after the analysis. Change is not the cause of the site right down.


here to warn you, do the station should not be impatient, no matter what the situation is, always to keep my mind, in fact, in this group I like this is not uncommon, previously often see some Adsense in site ranking to drop a little after the start of a hurry, everywhere asked that question, began to the hair of the chain, buy black chain, there had been some traffic, as a result, the site right down, a little traffic are not.


acne products before doing the Taobao guest website, web site should be done acne has seen me in this station, most of the acne before keywords in the search engine will be the first, but then a large number of stations occupied, although several other search engine ranking did not change, and also love Shanghai very few keywords ranking, but a few words of love Shanghai large flow are pushed to the second page.

people will be anxious to meet this kind of situation, it is easy to do something wrong, but I think just because a watched pot over stations and two wrong things, ready to say is one thing, the way I slowly.

I think it is in Shanghai Longfeng more experienced, standing outside doing chain do before everything is natural is given priority to, and each station do I remind myself not impatient, because I know a nasty will do something wrong, but was standing group to squeeze down in taste is not real well, again lose result in reason, results too late for regrets.

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