Keywords mining method of offbeat but efficient

. This method is very suitable for just the website to determine the site keywords, but also for the expansion of the website keywords on-line website. For online website, there is a very good method, is the use of statistical tools, see the long tail keywords. The flow in the query keywords, of course, because too many keywords, you need screening. Sometimes, a day may bring you a few key words flow, but if when you query, see you only ranked tenth. Since tenth can have dozens of traffic, that if you do the first words, there are at least two hundred or three hundred of the traffic, you can also query the index estimate about, although not very accurate, but also can be used as a reference.

in the construction site before, always choose better, more keywords. In addition to keywords counterparts, keywords with high index is the first choice, after all, can bring traffic to the site keywords is of value. Now most people in mining, generally take the following methods: the index query keywords, Shanghai love love love Shanghai Shanghai drop-down box, relevant keywords, using related software. But, no matter which method limitations are the same. These words are all based on your input query expansion words, related words, such as you enter, "recruiting" may be found "recruitment network", "the recruitment information" with "Recruitment", but will not give you find "looking for work" such as effective words.

of course, your chosen keywords, but also estimate the degree of competition in the key words. But the first method is generally very large find many content pages in the first row of key words. If you want to do a website to the inside pages more than large, is relatively simple, or by column and special can be up.

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so, when you need to find a key industry. First of all, the industry to find out the station. Then through the station network station or love love Shanghai weight function, all the keywords of the query traffic, you will find more relevant keywords is unexpected. A large industry, due to large capacity, so basically is to cover a wide range of keywords, in the industry and has a good ranking.

in the use of stationmaster net tools, love stand and so on can query Website Web site when the weight of the love of Shanghai ". You will find that sometimes the industry keywords flow but the highest index of several tens of thousands, but the site but it can find love Shanghai traffic about one hundred thousand. This is beyond your desired keywords, this part is the keywords you need to add.

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