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excellent step Uber CEO Travis Karan Nick TravisKalanick earlier this year by the application of this boasting, Chinese branch lost more than $1 billion a year, part of the reason is the payment of subsidies to seize market share. Local call car application drops fast DidiKuaidi is in many cities and big step price war.

but he also acknowledges that companies have no choice. "In this market, such as >

"run out of money, many companies will be forgotten," Rui consulting Datareal founder Ma Jihua said.

, we have also experienced the selection process, through comparison or to test, Taobao is undoubtedly the most suitable for our guest novice webmaster make money, I’ve done a lot of Wangzhuan project before, pull long ago, do CPA player not easy to do 200 yuan, an alliance would run away!, then contact the shlf1314 Adsense inside the money so far has not come to $100, in my time to make money online in despair, heard of the term Taobao customers, and then to find related articles, and then the mom in a registered account, began a trip to amoy. Taobao is our first profitable project, perhaps many webmaster like me, when I see the background on account of the money, really excited, give yourself a lot of power, also believe that their own path from start off to Taobao! Now almost 2 years of time! He also learned a lot of things, but also through a lot of detours, today to share with you

I have just started when the Amoy single product promotion is in the promotion of slimming products, when the competition is not very intense, you are not what resource advantage, we are on the homepage of opportunity, I also lose weight by earned his first pot of gold, then slowly find it more and more to lose weight the ranking is more and more difficult to do, in the later many people spend big money to buy high quality website links, from the time I began to choose other product promotion, I choose products all the time by the people around to find business opportunities, my ex girlfriend to buy freckle products products in the online experience, so I would consider to do this right, then I’ll go to the sh419 search keywords, the competition is not very big, or no home Amoy The guest is doing, to Ali mother the check freckle Commission is very high, then made a freckle products Tao guest site, this station is a station I make money the most, a single fee is 80 yuan, up to 5 single transaction, but sometimes a single no, the word freckle products row of 3 months in the first, people do more slowly up to now.

China’s Internet Co is extremely popular with "burn money" and has reached alarming levels. Many companies are used to paying large amounts of subsidies to users to attract users to use their services, hoping that their competitors will go bankrupt before they spend all of their money.

at least some people think so. Others argue that China’s Internet industry is keen to burn money, signaling the end of the dotcom bubble. In the dotcom boom of the last 90s, Silicon Valley companies persuaded investors that profits were no longer important, and now Internet Co in China are equally obsessed with losing money.

Competitors at !

, another car executive with YidaoYongche, said last month that they were "involved in the vortex of money."". "We have prepared ammunition for at least 3 billion to 5 billion yuan this year," Zhou Zhou, the company’s chief executive, said recently."

first in the choice of promotional products, if you do not have a lot of traffic do not choose comprehensive promotion of products, comprehensive website is not easy to promote, and many goods Commission is very low, so be sure to do a single product promotion in the choice of product promotion, many webmaster will say is now a single product early you have to do is to do bad, now the competition is very intense, many just do Taobao guest first choice would be to lose weight, freckle, whitening, everyone will go to imagine how much money will do, but to lose weight, freckle products of long tail keywords have been finished, and every day many people join in. If you do not have very powerful resources, even if the home page will not be maintained for a long time! Here I will talk about my own product selection experience!

‘s elite say they won’t fall behind in spending money. Liu Qing, President of JeanLiu, said last September: "we do not burn money, we can not walk this step today."." Cheng Wei, chairman of the company, said that last year’s quick spending of $4 billion was "market nurturing."".

start-up, a cat car network Emao, wants to build an online platform for car dealers whose entire marketing strategy is built around losing money. "Burn the money of investors, the heart of Bo’s car" – the company recently produced such advertising words.

estimates that Internet Co spend up to 50 billion yuan a year on subsidies to attract Chinese consumers to use taxi, massage and car wash services through smartphones.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet

"burn" may sound like a viable business model, but these companies founded soon after the claim, in order to establish a brand, to obtain the scale to compete with others, paying users to use their services is essential. Especially in China, Chinese is from investment driven economy to a consumption driven economy — the government insists that the ongoing transition in the "buy" Chinese consumers — to hope that one day they will buy your product is very attractive.

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