Love Shanghai 360 good search Sogou promotion promotion promotion background management

360 search promotion


is definitely the core products, search promotion and love Shanghai network (mobile terminal network alliance is now a separate independent "mobile DSP"). Other special products are brand line, brand landmark, enterprise encyclopedia, love Shanghai sinan.


At present,


core products, search promotion and "display network" (Internet), the other did not.



overall consumption level, according to the search engine market, the higher the market share, the same word competition is greater, the current domestic search engine market is: love Shanghai search > 360 search > Sogou search

bid and consumption of most industries is: love Shanghai search > 360 search > Sogou search

The consumption level of Shanghai


360 search promotion

is the core product search promotion and web promotion

user experience background operation

course, some industries have exceptions, such as the author often encounter the same words, 360 more than the love of Shanghai’s bid bid

Product type


Sogou promotion is similar, the rapid price adjustment and view rankings are flawed, for the "first-class cabin" tool, barely make up a price adjustment, but.


Sogou promotion

love Shanghai in the domestic search market is big, first-class R & D capability, although the operation just love Shanghai background, the general feeling in some places is not perfect, but if you finished 360 and back to Shanghai Sogou backstage backstage, the Baidu in user experience can be regarded as the conscience.


Sogou promotion

search engine is the main market in Shanghai, 360 good love search search, Sogou search, each platform has its own promotional platform, the main products are similar, divided into search marketing and network alliance, but different platform must also have some differences, similarities and differences of several key points out the key comparison about the three promotion platform the.

360 search promotion not long, the same function is not to say, but the lack of similar love Shanghai to promote the "convenient management" fast search rankings and the price adjustment function, manage a bit difficult. But it provides public goods automatic batch adjustment function, can make up for this defect.

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