Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Shanghai these content will be punished

The text with the advantages and disadvantages of search engine penalty?

Q: the others attack my website, whether it will lead to love Shanghai

Q: love Shanghai statistics bounce rate high, whether it will be a

A: love Shanghai of third party plug-ins were treated, such as advertising content bad bucket algorithm 4 is triggered, the website will be fined


rivers and lakes have been on "love Shanghai penalty" speculation, now, Jun sorts out several webmaster are most concerned about the situation of professional and technical engineers, please answer, whether these will affect the quality of judgment on the website of the


A: a reference dimension bounce rate is love Shanghai computing site scores, the bounce rate will have the effect of


A: love Shanghai will automatically filter spam chain & black chain, generally do not have the effect of

A: in most scenarios There are both advantages and disadvantages., love Shanghai in recognition of words, will affect the judgment of Shanghai love in individual cases, such as in the robots will be affected, see article: "robots, file support Chinese directory"

on the high score

Q: a collection of my website, whether it will lead to love Shanghai penalty my website

Q: the installation of 360 statistics, put 360 advertising alliance, whether it will be a

Q: website to add too many Nofollow tags,


] the official statement about love Shanghai "penalty" rumors

? will not be affected? is beneficial to the disadvantages?

A: no

penalty? ?

Q: one for my website to do a lot of junk the chain & black chain, will cause the love Shanghai

love Shanghai search

A: mirror sites are not love Shanghai love Shanghai recognition strategy decisions; and a mirror sites, another reference site was "the school image, how to love Shanghai"

Q: website accidentally put the site inside the contents will be deleted, a

A: if the cause can not access the site affect users, will affect in Shanghai love to show

A: No, the site can be used to submit data link website submission tool for the first time, faster identification of original content


Q: the website of many 404, will affect the entire station

Q:URL, and

A: the influence of the website will need to search evaluation site in Webmaster Platform submitted links

A: if the affected users search, love Shanghai will be

Q: the site is mirror, whether it will lead to love Shanghai

? love Shanghai

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