Even the Shanghai dragon master may not know the Shanghai dragon three lies

in many of the Shanghai dragon in the article, we can always see some stereotyped views. An article that we may write a few articles that half believe and half doubt, we will write many articles for gospel truth, write this, I’ll just take it as the truth. But in fact, the ancients have taught us: every letter is better than no book. May be passed on by the error, perhaps is the search engine technology improved, in which we regard it as the truth of Shanghai Longfeng paper, but also mixed with a lot of lies. I found these common mistakes in trying and learning, so I used to share with you.

search engines are smarter than you think. This article take a, the article take a "patchwork", put together also difficult to escape the love of Shanghai fayan. Of course, spell out the article may also be included in the love of Shanghai. If your website weight is enough, the original copy is included. If you are a small website, or honestly do original or false original it.

In fact,

embedded, not through any link to the page. Iframe not included is a lie. The iframe page does not include the lies do not know where to spread out, and spread very widely. Embedding iframe tags is a separate page, would surely be a link with ordinary transfer right important high. A common chain spider will climb up a page, not embedded page it to ignore. Unless you are embedded too multilayer set a trap for spiders lost in, or the embedded page quality is too low. General iframe embedded page will be included.

In addition to


… 3,

embedded in iframe "

but to notice you embedded page title, description, because everyone is easy to overlook the embedded page title, if you embedded page, then the embedded page as a separate page optimization. Of course, never take this article as truth because.

had seen quite a lot of articles that iframe embedded pages are not included but I said, the embedded page but the collection of genuine goods at a fair price. Love Shanghai and Google are included, and is collected several.

not included

title of not more than 32 words, more than will be truncated showed not the following character. This article before actually is correct, but now the love of Shanghai is not then an ignorant person, of the title of the show was improved. More than 32 characters can show the title is, if the user search keywords behind 32 words, love some characters of Shanghai would omit the front part of the title. That is, until the time, Google still can only display 32 characters of the title

2, the article together love Shanghai will think is original

1, not a word more than 32 Title

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