Make your own website how to get the favor of Shanghai love


said the topic here, we will ask for love, Shanghai, it is generally favored which website? I at this time the experience of network companies, in my opinion, the following general

again, there is a small details of the above problem, it is time for love in Shanghai included in the site, it may be the same with each of us, it will pay more attention to the front page of the site, as if we look at a man, the first impression is likely to be important, if the first impression is not good, back to want to have a good development that it is more difficult to love, in reality Shanghai search results often will turn on the front page of the site to display, and not go to details.

first, we set up the site must be of high quality, we can also think of a search engine as large as the love of Shanghai, he will certainly pay attention to the interests of the majority of the net, if you are a little waste site, even if your friends and relatives in Shanghai. I think it is difficult for you to contribute, so that we in the establishment of the time, you must choose a good space, and fast when we browse the Internet users. Because even if you do the best site, if you click on the inside, half are not open the page, I think not many people are willing to spend time waiting for it, and it is also the site to reasonable layout, so it is easy to see the net content of interest to them.

is the enterprise for any company or website built, are eager to get the favor of love Shanghai in the shortest possible time, in love this big stage in Shanghai to find a space for one person, it is not an easy job to do a thing, with respect to the noble baby, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Shanghai as love the biggest Chinese search engine, it undertakes the arduous task, it is the 420 million most familiar Chinese net home page, every day more than 20 billion visitors, the response from 138 countries and regions of the search request, this large number, each of us has its own website of the enterprise or company, it is quite the seductive. So they are trying to play their role, hoping to get the favor of

love Shanghai!Since then

then, after we build on the site, to update the website content, but also their own, should pay attention to in the content update, the best, inside is new things, such as an article, the best is original, because, in the love of Shanghai website inside, it is fresh to the spider what interested, if every day we take what copy is over, all of these spiders to see every day, he will be tired, if every day we can in accordance with the above mentioned, some new published articles, the spider come every day, will see something different, it it will form a habit, it will come to see every day, every day included, so we improve website weight will be very fast, we have reached our goal.


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