Wangzhuan full time engaged in to give yourself a reassurance

in recent years China the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people to join the army which has a lot of friends online, choose a full-time do Wangzhuan, I was one of them. However, do Wangzhuan is not easy, because there are too many uncertainties.

a few days ago a friend complained to me, said a project before the operation of the dead, now every day is very confused. Just a few days ago, he was elated to show off his achievements, when his highest income reached several thousand dollars a day. Wangzhuan have one of the biggest risks is very unstable, any wind sways grass are likely to affect the higher people’s income. Sometimes a good idea to let a few people make a lot of money in the short term, but once the network environment has changed and the violence project also will come to an end.

I also came from the novice stage, which encountered difficulties and everyone. I do Wangzhuan when getting a QQ onhook software, the daily job is to apply for a QQ account, then use the software on the line and get traffic volume. Just do it because nobody can compete, the effect is good, so every day is pleased with oneself achievement, is no longer on other things. But gradually the software spread, more and more users crazy for the original large cake, go under the condition of nature who do not have enough to eat. In order to get more traffic, everyone tried desperately to hang more accounts, and finally led to the Tencent had to restrict QQ login. As a result, the project was sentenced to death.

since the project died, I was confused, it was found that he lost the only source of income. For full-time do Wangzhuan friends, no less income than the more terrible. In order to get rid of the dilemma as soon as possible, I had to work as a product site to start a part-time editor, although the day is not a lot of money, but after all, can rely on this to life. After finishing the daily work, I spend the rest of my time to develop my two websites. After a month of hard work, the site began to move on the right track, every day will bring a stable return on advertising. There are two sites to do other projects of reassurance, I can rest assured.

master do Wangzhuan know simultaneous operation of multiple projects, so that once a project was shelved, and other projects to support. And if you do throw the helve after the hatchet single project, a problem even in the higher confidence are not. The author thinks that the full-time do Wangzhuan friends must cultivate a can bring stable income resources, even if the income is very small can also play the role of insurance. Only access to such resources, we can have the lowest income guarantee, in action will not panic.

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