Elephant condom Liu Kenan 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurial logic


fourth 12 floor micro share invited "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan, a very warm atmosphere, full of 150 people in the WeChat group as in the past.

our enthusiastic friends "ancient Jizhi" finishing the share of mad praise! Everyone in all aspects of our subsequent micro sharing are involved in the organization, when we can give everyone a display space, this is we enjoy the feast of the rhythm of


"you can look down upon our youth, we will prove that this is who’s age". This is Wei Chen’s "I speak for myself", used in the "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan body, it is appropriate.

Liu Kenan, 90, 11-12 channel in Millet technology, 13 years to start, want a lot of things, including beer, Viagra, hope to do a spirit of power. Later decided to do condoms, when used in half a year to do the first product, elephant condom".

only the difference can lead to a flood of concern, in February 12th B block 12, organized by the WeChat group to share the event, the elephant’s speech is everywhere to show the difference between young people.

customer is God? NO!

"we do not want to buy and sell relationships with the user, we just want to make friends with the user, so that our needs is the demand of our products. We basically put all the world to buy condoms to study, found that their pain points were improved."

"so elephants are products for friends, and our company is called" elephants and his friends. "."

differentiation? NO!

elephant: I do not pay attention to differentiation, but to consider what the real needs of friends."

when the elephant is saying this, perhaps he did not realize that many of the elephants and the practice has been a strong difference, such as:

Name: see the elephant’s nose, is not easy to think of what?

packaging: a box of 7, obviously different from other products. The design on the one hand from the "overnight seven man", is said to be the greatest ability to man is seven times the other night, and we hope that the "7 pieces of deception, the elephant see every day".

even the elephant is also working with the men’s socks, learning French socks on the practice of a pocket (can be fitted with condoms).

marketing? NO!

"we have not done any marketing and promotion, there are some things we do to help users, some things are a partner to help us do this, such as Valentine’s day, 360 / M chat / the way cattle looking for us to do a number of joint marketing activities."

"the team currently has 6 people, 2 technologies,"

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