Why can make money

why? Because the user needs to meet, why? Because the source code was released. Why? Because I spent a little time doing promotion.

one by one:

the first to meet the needs of users as we all know, but first you have to find the user needs, the competition is too intense or simply do not have the ability to do not think. At this stage, the basic needs of the masses have been excavated by the ancestors almost, we have no chance to compete. So I think we found that the user needs will not be too extensive user needs. In view of the national conditions, I have found a lot of online proxy site is very fire, he also made a try. That is now the crazy proxy network

through the online agent we can easily access some forbidden access sites, although this is not a perfect solution, because such as video pictures and other support is not very good, but very loved by the users, why? Because grasp the needs of users.

second released the site code. To tell the truth, this agent is not very difficult procedure. The entire package is only a few dozen K. But a lot of people who want to get this program, because you can do the English GG advertising, the price is very high. One day if there is 1000IP, then the income should not be less than 10$, I released the source code, and has been modified to make it an independent station program.

so, to the download station to release it, then you have a lot of free links, and the program is very high rate of reproduction, so it can be imagined, to your site to bring the number of traffic.

third do a little promotion

Baidu know Baidu post bar, some forums, and so do some promotion, because I am lazy, so do not much. I believe there are more diligent than I webmaster, they certainly do better.

said at last is not necessarily reasonable, welcome paizhuan. Please also have time to visit crazy proxy web site is the last word to say if http://s.crazy.net.cn contact online agent site, you should know that this site is modeled on the site, this is also very important.

wish you get rich.

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