Millet’s large business 10W red rice flour


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millet company put out 100 thousand units of red rice mobile phone, 90 seconds will be robbed of light. This is the one from the outset to be guessed at the end of the story, the company should be very clear, quad core smart mobile phone 100 thousand units 799 yuan where all is a few minutes sold things, 90 seconds or 180 seconds,


last year, millet on Sina micro-blog for the first time to try to social sales, 5 minutes and 14 seconds to sell the amount of millet mobile phone 22 million 330 thousand of the amount of 50 thousand micro-blog also forwarded the most forward sina. That being the case, why not continue to sell millet Sina micro-blog red rice, or find a popular platform, such as Taobao, for example, just opened the payment function of WeChat.

this time, millet company not only with 1 minutes and a half to sell the red rice phone, the more mobile phone, but also in the QQ space to catch up to 10 million fans in the. 100 thousand units of mobile phones can bring millet how much profit to the value of 10 million fans only millet most clearly on their own?.

Sina micro-blog on a ten million fans forwarded a large advertising content is the price of 3000 yuan, a ten million fans for its own account millet company saved a year marketing expenses is not difficult to calculate. But behind the QQ space is Tencent, called "social marketing Master" millet from the outset well intentioned flirting with Tencent made a series of events in the eye.

so millet choose QQ space to sell the real logic behind the red rice is god horse? There are three reasons:

one. Do large is Millet’s important business

millet on each of a new product to build a number of social network size. Look at the accounts of millet platform,

Sina micro-blog millet company fans 1 million 560 thousand, millet mobile phone fans 2 million 50 thousand,

WeChat public account fans 2 million……

red rice phone on the day of release, Sina micro-blog and more than a large – red rice phone. Red rice phone micro-blog account is in July 31st, red rice mobile phone released the same day 1:30 to establish, not even after 12 o’clock in the evening, the fans have been up to more than 80 thousand.

millet Sina micro-blog in the rapid accumulation of fans is the most common way to award forwarding. In fact, in the forward prize activities, only the first layer forwarding user is the core of millet target users, with the core of forwarding circle more far, the proportion of the target user is reduced gradually, more to the back of the more attention of the driver is the prize.

millet phone certification space was opened in May 21st this year, there are now 10 million 10 thousand fans. In fact, before the July 29th millet thousand new on-line quiz page, millet mobile phone authentication space is only 1 million 800 thousand fans. Quiz page online at the same time, QQ space.

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