Lei Jun and Wang Xing why they can two entrepreneurial success

Chinese people have been a bit of a taboo against failure since ancient times. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of China enterprise, numerous entrepreneurs are revelers and media holding on the altar, but once the problem will soon be relentless criticism, up and down.

I went to Silicon Valley in 1999 for the first time, it was the first wave of the internet. At that time, the whole world regarded Silicon Valley as the holy land of global innovation. But in Silicon Valley, one of the most important words I’ve heard about the success of Silicon Valley is "tolerance for failure."". Silicon Valley is particularly encouraging young people to start a business, because in their view, young entrepreneurs have nothing to lose. The worst thing you can do is find a job. As for venture capital, the most amazing thing is that they will tell you that they will lose. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have failed experience, but can have a profound review and Reflection on the failure, and so that venture capitalists have been considered to have been more popular venture capitalists.

after returning home, I witnessed the first wave of Internet entrepreneurs in china. At that time, the Internet is a blank in China, venture capital is more willing to vote has been successful entrepreneurs. The simplest is those with the American elite qualifications Chinese students; of course most of their money boondoggle, and of those who think the most God’s favored one silent, rarely experience stage a comeback. Of course there are exceptions, the achievements of the myth of millet Lei Jun, Wang Xing finally tieshukaihua groups in the United States on the project, Kang Jingwei became the lead Comtech core city industrial electricity supplier in the market of Alibaba. They are not so "successful" experience, but at the end of two to three times after the toss and eventually became immortal, not blind, the opposite is based on failure of accumulated experience, insight into the law, which held a savings of resources.

continuous entrepreneur Wang Xing

founder of the United States Wang Xing so many years of Internet career can be ups and downs four words to express. He has done a number of SNS projects, experienced in the school had to sell the funds have been broken, but also experienced the helplessness of the rice is not closed, but ultimately rely on a strong success of the u.s..

Wang hung from the University of Delaware in 2003 to suspend their studies, pulled his brother Wang Huiwen to return home to start a business together. Will not be programmed to learn programming, continuous doing several projects, but also failed several projects.

, of course, he got a good project. We all know that school is a replica of the United States Facebook. At that time there have been a number of similar SNS and internal competition, such as a and 5Q, but the school network to do fast, soon became the market share of the first social networking site. But in the end the school had no money, but after all, young Wang than the sophistication of Chen Yizhou’s financing ability. No money, the site will not support. Chen Yizhou >

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