Hand Pulled Noodle Entrepreneurship 5 methods very careful in reckoning

talking about CEO, most people may think it means a bright and spacious office, a large company meals, as well as unlimited use of corporate credit cards. In fact, this is not the real situation of most U.S. companies CEO, especially start-up companies CEO. In many cases, the company’s capital is directly related to the founder’s personal checking account, and CEO’s corporate credit cards are often used with them to buy commodities is a card.

When a food company

into a simple Hand-Pulled Noodle, lunch is just enjoy peanut butter sandwiches on a small table, then it may mean that you are in the start-up stage, had to be very careful in reckoning. Here are 5 ways to help you save money without sacrificing quality and opportunity:

1 to reduce outsourcing, especially marketing outsourcing.

social media marketing tend to overspend, especially when you are going to do a viral marketing, let your company overnight when. When you have to outsource your online marketing, listen to the vendor’s word of mouth, such as their success rate and whether or not to insist on direct payment. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the use of the social media strategy of the rising competitors in the use of social media, but also to imitate them, but must adhere to their own characteristics.

2 downsizing. Give investors a look at your creativity and ways to save money.

don’t waste your money on unnecessary things, such as office space, or dinner for investors. Instead, try to create more ideas and locations for investors. If you want to show a new retail concept, you may wish to meet at a local mall, with a view to invest in your products or shops are so different. If you create a new concept of food, then meet at the grocery store or restaurant you want to sell. Even with coffee instead of lunch or dinner can also, which not only save money, but also to investors that how you are very careful in reckoning.

3 takes a certain amount of risk in originality.

a good idea not to spend a penny (unless you mess up), you can also make your brand stand out, this is the key to entrepreneurial marketing. Create a brand for your company, give it meaning or personality. Follow feeling, wanton imagination. As long as you make sure you don’t infringe on other people’s patents.

4 either big or go home to do.

investors and partners on what you’re wearing pajamas, is not working in the garage, wearing work boots to walk around don’t care. You can quickly expand your business, and strive to use the least money in exchange for the greatest benefits. Want to do, in fact, very simple. Only a small fee per month, you can have a response service or online support platform. Rely on reliable virtual resources, seize every opportunity to meet with local entrepreneurs. Look for new business opportunities in nearby universities, including the guidance of students who may become your colleagues in the future.


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