Why is Taobao Wangzhuan infernal guest Wangzhuan ultimate way

more and more owners complain that their sites do not make money or not to earn money, but also have many webmaster to these sites did not gain hard every day to wait until the first update, found himself lost in the time domain, space money is lost and finally give up the industry in.

network in the world is boundless, since the road to nowhere we can find another way to go, has been a fiery Taobao guest I think every webmaster is already heard, why don’t you think why Taobao will be so fire? Yes, it is for Taobao customers very violent and return rate is relatively high, the relative site, Taobao off violence is unmatched by many industries. EAEA Tao family some customers website just site have income, if you hang GG or Baidu Adsense ads, or sell sell Links, then, cost recovery is the most simple. I haven’t seen a cat.

for Taobao customers, we don’t need to worry about what sort of cheating advertising by K, also do not have to worry about you today if there is malicious advertising click, we only need to care about their own website conversion rate and revenue can be, because Taobao does not exist off what cheating, as long as the conversion rate, then you will return on time according to the score of your account, not like sites rely on advertising revenue as the fear of being always on tenterhooks like K. Now there are many kinds of Taobao products, for the product is a number of violent cosmetics, breast enhancement, weight loss products are exhausted these are very high, so we can choose one of them to do promotion. In general, the Commission of such products is very high, generally up to 40%-50% so we choose a relatively high commission to promote.

Our previous

to find a Taobao customer program to build our website, we should set up their own SEO keyword optimization to select, and then in the search engine optimization, for the new station is certainly early optimization process is relatively slow, but this process we must persevere, never give up halfway, because we are looking at the high return to, so we have to have some early setbacks and suffering. For web traffic a few friends can actually do not worry, we can compare, 5000IP visits a website every day, advertising alliance income does not exceed a maximum of 30 yuan, and 30 yuan has been very impressive, but also risked which union K off, but Taobao guest is not the same, we do not need high traffic, if we optimize the conversion keywords then slowly high up, my Taobao guest site traffic every day only 20 IP, but the 20 IP brings to me every day of the income is 500 yuan, this is the temptation of the Taobao customer because each of us, out of a product, commissions are at least dozens and hundreds of dollars a day, so it is simple to income of hundreds or tens of dollars, than a year or so to spend on advertising alliance website maintenance The income of the site depends on

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