The limited flow into RMB

The rapid development of

IT industry, prawns are obvious to people. Maybe you are still busy with increasing traffic; maybe you are still staying up late to update the website; maybe you are praying for the union account. But do you know how to convert the limited flow into RMB?

flow is the first productivity "may seem outdated, when we make a website after the construction, maintenance of normal removal, should consider more realistic problem, that is how to make money?

may also be fixed in your mind to rely on advertising or alliance to make money, a small part of the webmaster because a IP may earn 3, the number of four, or even the number of 5. For example, ADMIN5 Trading Forum to rely on domain names and other transactions charged intermediary fees; learn to rely on the recommendation of the wave of education network to earn service fees tutor; Chengdu gift network to earn profits by relying on gift orders. This also indicates that the future of IT’s most promising career is network marketing.

network marketing is based on the international Internet, the use of digital information and network media to interact to achieve marketing objectives to achieve a new type of marketing.

now many enterprises have chosen to search engine promotion, so we rely on search to IP, how to transform, how to save the cost, how to do brand publicity, this is the network marketing to do.

with the rapid development of the Internet and the popularization of the computer world, the number of people using the Internet and more and more. Network has gradually become an indispensable tool for people’s life and work, and on this basis, the network marketing will gradually start its strong market role.

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