Ringing landing calls dotting the platform of paid advertising surfaced

      in March this year after the launch of "dotting embedded advertising, advertising operators dotting longtuo.com also launched a advertisers advertising after receiving according to how many calls for new effective online advertising model advertising fees paid — ringing call advertising. The day before, the advertisement has cooperation in ad more than 2 thousand network media line dotting.

      reporter in the article page dotting alliance website found that the original or clear color "dotting the floating window advertising advertising has quietly emerged with a ringing sign free advertising phone number and call back box, users can directly call the toll free number directly with advertisers Communication Advisory Service personnel, also to call back the way. In the latter way, the user simply enter their phone number, you can receive a free call to the advertiser call.

      it is understood, and the traditional network advertisement according to the display and pay per click mode, ringing call will be paid advertising advertising and effective communication (telephone) combines the advertising display, click are free of charge, only to bring effective advisory telephone charge. The combination of advertising advertising by ringing and dotting in this paper, the use of network tracking and semantic analysis technology, based on user browsing content and Internet site Internet areas and habits in different circumstances, or to users to read the related user information and web advertising content, advertising information users show around browsing content in users automatically. Customers can control their own advertising costs, but also at any time to adjust the position and frequency of advertising.

      the difference in accuracy and orientation for the demands of dotting advertising, ringing in the floating window can appear in the eye of advertising, also can be in any position ringing and partner sites to publish a bidding method, the customer can at any time through the management system, adjust the effective price to change the phone the advertisement information display position. In addition, different from the precise advertising, the form of advertising is based on the number of calls and the weighted average price of the ads to the intelligent recommendation of the DIGG form. The price is decided by advertisers, advertisers bid freely, but the ranking has not only depends on the price level, but also depends on the flow of advertising (calls) and popularity, longtuo.com for this form of advertising is called ringing advertising hotline.

      longtuo.com was founded in 2001, the first Internet advertising agency services, the end of 2005 to enter the advertising marketing and the effect of intelligent communication field, officially launched in March this year called dotting (Clickeye) "embedded ad. According to data provided by the Dragon extension interactive, Clickeye’s web page embedded advertising daily traffic for 200 million times.

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