Boss you do not understand the network marketing what to save the enterprise

the rapid development of the Internet, so that we have a habit of using her to find our needs, what is difficult, you ask Baidu on the line. In the face of the next 10 years, China’s e-commerce growth of 250 times the market, enterprises should seize this opportunity. But now a lot of companies do network marketing, doing business on the Internet, just open a Baidu promotion account or a network manager, thought it would be good to pull a lot of customers online.

companies in the field of traditional businesses are now calling too difficult to do business on the Internet to do business is shouting too big competition. In fact, this is just a superficial phenomenon, we do not really pay attention to business owners network marketing, there is no real to dig their own market. The market will always be there, but your market is swallowed up by opponents. The boss does not understand the network marketing, but also what to save the enterprise? Or to look at a small series of friends’ personal experience, perhaps when you read you will feel.

when he graduated, he worked in a manufacturing plant. In fact, when he went to the interview, he did not have any experience, but I know that he is the boss of the factory. From the office to the office without ten minutes, the boss just asked he will send the message you will do in the online promotion, he gave the answer is, then talk about wages, not too much, for who just graduated has been met. So on the second day to go to work, so he began to work in this factory. He is a person, he is responsible for the promotion of the company’s Web site every day, promotion, but also with the company network problems, art, etc..

in the work of one year, the boss for the network marketing is not very understand, he gives a lot of suggestions or strategies, the boss will hear, after will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The boss is the most often asked not to call today how ah, on the Internet with his mobile phone number, but also did not know exactly how much promotion after the consultation, the effect is also very difficult to assess, it also leads to the do not know from which to improve. There are not a few times a year, we are all dry, and no one to tell you how to solve the problem, only by himself to explore. Although a little effect on the Internet, but the opponent may be willing to invest, a few people to go to the team and you to fight, imagine the last market will fall into the hands of.

this phenomenon I believe there are a lot of enterprises, enterprises do network marketing, not hire a person to do the promotion, open bidding. If so, expect hiring a person to complete all the things, then you have timely customer consultation, it is rarely, because your opponent is stronger than you, would you like warm boiled frog, and finally realized too late. Business owners must understand the network marketing strategy and the direction of the enterprise to know their own network marketing should be done in which direction, so that the recruitment of staff to perform the necessary. If the boss does not understand network marketing for employees or mixed, enterprises will gradually lose their market, and then finally get.

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