Faced with the bubble era APP developers where is the way out

the development of modern science and technology makes us feel very shocked, in addition to these surprises. We are also experiencing and enjoying the wisdom of the era of APP brings us convenience. Whether it is life, or work, intelligent APP have a convenient advantage. It is precisely because of the existence of these APP constitute the arrival of the era of smart phones. Now you go out without a smart machine are embarrassed to go out. In fact, this is not a matter of face, but because people have long been accustomed to the convenience and convenience of intelligent APP. Like the most simple weather conditions, like, in the era of non intelligent machines only ordered weather forecast manufacturers to notify the weather conditions to get the weather information. However, in the era of intelligent machines all this becomes extremely convenient, the user can be very intuitive in the mobile phone interface to see the recent weather conditions. To get these updated weather changes only need to install a smart APP on the line.

APP rely on the survival of the environment is the smart phone platform, but now there is a bubble era APP. Many APP developers began to think about a new way out. The following is a ZZD5 blog webmaster integrated Internet articles, summed up some of their own views. Please say that is not good. Learn from each other and make progress together. Those who want to be reproduced to the source. Don’t take it for yourself. Thank you!

is now known as the world’s two most popular smartphone operating systems are Android and iOS. Of course, a veteran of the Symbian smartphone operating system, blackberry. APP is based on the operating system architecture development has a certain role in the application of the program. Each operating system architecture is not the same, so in the face of different operating systems APP developers need to make different choices and development optimization. Although most of the intelligent operating systems are based on the ARM architecture design, but the operating system has joined the different system layer. So the first step in the development of APP APP developers is to choose a good operating system.

now as the growth potential of the largest Android system, although the system is open source but not optimistic. Even because of the number of users of Android systems is the most popular, but for developers, the Android system does not have much profit margins. Android system is open source, which means that the Android system is more difficult to charge. Compared with Android, iOS platform more attractive. Because Apple has established a perfect ecosystem APP circle, you can develop APP in Apple’s app store sales. Once someone pays for the purchase, Apple will be in accordance with the agreement with the developer. So it is a good choice to choose iOS relative to profit. Of course, the new Windowsphone system can also be considered. Because the system is now out, so now the system has great appeal. After all, Microsoft is a big company so the benefits should be good.

but now APP has entered

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