On four kinds of Taobao customer network marketing model

With the outbreak of

Ali mother from time to time freezing events, greatly affected the enthusiasm of Taobao customers, but Taobao customer money effect has not been weakened, while standardizing the Taobao webmaster do off behavior, but it brings new opportunities to the regular do stand webmaster, let’s talk about regular Taobao off site several common network marketing mode of


A: micro-blog marketing model to build

The development of micro-blog

is simply the eyepiece, the original blog is relatively fast, but also the culture of the micro-blog blog than fast food, so there are now many busy people love, including many of the regular stars is micro-blog, micro-blog is the key to marketing to find the target group is the target audience of fans. By publishing some attractive events, together with their marketing products, but also need to learn to selected target groups in many in the audience, and then marketing to the target group, I believe you will soon get into high quality rate! And micro-blog’s marketing focus is the construction of the content, do not send advertising. This will make your fans gradually away from you


two: Q & a platform marketing

for two popular Q & a platform Baidu know and Search ask not, for marketing in the two platform, the effect is quite good, but to the implementation of the effect is very good, but it is very difficult, because it is difficult to leave your links are on these platforms. Even the risk of being blocked, the author has made a few links, is the title, let me depressed for a long time, so I started to think of a way through, we can not leave the link, but also can leave keywords ah! Or put the links in Baidu favorites, and then use the method of Baidu they are taken care of very thoughtful, indirect links in your Baidu


three: online marketing in blogs and forums

In fact, the

blog and forum on marketing has been the mainstream marketing way, because these two types of sites are basically popular users, we can in these target sites can easily find the target user group, so as to bring good traffic to your site, but now blogs and forums for posts and articles audit more stringent, if the advertising means relatively strong posts or articles are generally not able to get through, so I suggest that you should choose a soft way to post and update the blog, this can get a reprint of the opportunity, and not be related to the webmaster delete or delete


four: network marketing through e-mail

traditional email marketing effect is poor, but we can use the QQ platform to carry out network marketing, because there is a group of mail QQ mail function, this function is very suitable as e-mail marketing, network marketing in the course when we use the mail QQ group to find the target groups, avoid wide net to me, "

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