What kind of website can really Wangzhuan

now often webmaster asked, what website to earn money? In fact, what can be said to have the possibility of making money. Let me talk about my opinion:

first clear, what profit you rely on profit patterns are common now: advertising, membership fees, SMS, join the league, etc..

I’m going to talk about advertising. The Internet as an important media advertising, but also behoove, must have the skills to do advertising, advertising as a means of business promotion and marketing, the final purpose is to let the possible purchase of this product (or service) people remember their product (or service), there is a problem related to target customers, so do we also need to consider your target group visit where? Only in this way, will anyone want to advertise your website. For example: for example, the Webmaster Station, because the target access group is the webmaster, then the host, domain name provider is the main advertisers. The main goal of the Pacific computer network, Inc. network access is a group of computer enthusiasts, so computer manufacturers is their major advertisers. Now why many websites are *, but to advertise less? The main reason is that the target access group is not clear, such as 9Flash (responsible person once I have talked to their advertisers) are relatively small, they can also have other ways of earnings.

membership registration fee, including game cards or prepaid card etc.. Membership fee it is a unique way of earning the Internet, but also relatively stable, the highest profit margins, such as Shanda, Alibaba, Tencent, nine days, Sogua, etc., are mainly used in this form. Also includes Baidu, Google ppc. But it is also facing challenges, such as the grand challenge facing the future, who would like to have free things.

SMS is the main income of the portal site, but with the decline in consumer awareness of the freshness of the message and Telecommunications norms, SMS revenue has gradually declined.


joined the alliance, as the main form of income hao123, many personal websites use now, whether or not, there is no access to content, the first is to join several Union, many web pages in addition to advertising alliance has no content, it’s no wonder that even TOM and Sohu this station, is also full of eBay the advertising alliance, but I think the advertising alliance does not give us much income, imagine you as a visitor, will enter the alliance click on these advertisements? That someone will ask, that HAO123 why there is so much income, this is because the hao123 set up early, has been established for more than 5 years in a few years ago, the alliance advertising less, many visitors are through these ads to know websites such as eBay, that is to say, when hao123 than the more famous website, And now who doesn’t know eBay, ?

to sum up, I personally think that if you are a personal website, if you have a unique resource, others can not copy the resources, free of charge can not impact the resources, the best

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