Zuckerberg talk about entrepreneurship do not avoid mistakes learn from mistakes

Abstract Zuckerberg said that after mistakes, we must continue to move forward, do not put too much emphasis on their past mistakes.


BI Chinese station on December 12th reported

Facebook December 11th is the usual internal staff quiz day (occasionally let users participate in external), Zuckerberg provides a business proposal, namely don’t avoid mistakes, but to learn from our mistakes.

Zuckerberg said: "don’t worry about making mistakes, mistakes are where you can learn, the real question is how you learn from your mistakes, not how to avoid them."

Zuckerberg said that when he founded Facebook, he also made a lot of mistakes, and it is these mistakes that he learned a lot of things.

"keep going, don’t put too much emphasis on how many mistakes you’ve made in the past." Zuckerberg said.

from the world’s largest social network Facebook (including its chat tool Messenger), spending huge sums to acquire WhatsApp and Instagram have become world-class products, Zuckerberg has become the world’s well-known young entrepreneurs legend. His entrepreneurial experience at the Harvard University, has also boarded the Hollywood screen.

Zuckerberg in the dialogue, did not talk about himself and Facebook had made mistakes, but in the past, he had openly talked about his mistakes.

The biggest mistake of

Zuckerberg talked about, that is the development of mobile Internet in the beginning, he misjudged the technical route of mobile Internet, he thought the HTML5 and the mobile version ", will become the mainstream technology in the future.

HTML5 web development can support mobile devices and browsers, service providers need to develop a service, is the largest number of Internet users, users need to download and install, only need a browser to access.

However, the subsequent development of

, mobile terminal application software (APP) has become the mainstream, including Google Android and apple iOS, respectively, to promote the emergence of the world’s massive Android and iOS applications.

later, Facebook also decisively adjusted the direction of social networking in the mobile, the introduction of a large number of clients and APP.

it is worth mentioning that, in the development of APP strategy, Facebook also experienced many failures, such as two times to imitate Snapchat development of burn after reading the social networking tool "Poker" and "Slingshot" in the market failure, Android mobile phone desktop product "Home" has also been stone sea. (Chen Xi)

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