Dry cargo sharing quickly build and promote the Taobao guest single page website

now more and more webmaster to join the ranks of the guest to Taobao, Ali’s mother in the home Taobao customer alliance revenue ranking of hundreds of thousands of accounts that you admire? Although you do not know that they are a team or individual operation, still can be very people new to the future will enter the industry a great temptation. It can be predicted that 2012 will be a more diversified year for Taobao customers.

many people have been very non occupation webmaster want to rely on Taobao customers to earn some pocket money, and that you have a good level of web design and programming techniques to do a Taobao customer? How to establish their own Taobao off site? Today, Yan fanatics will tell you how to couple in a day to build their own Taobao off site and began to promote.

the first step: choose the right promotion commodity


passenger can spread a lot of goods, popular clothing, beauty, slimming products, such as mobile phone, if you do not choose these segments specific products, competition is fierce, to the front is almost impossible, so the best choice for a specific product or a small class, like I do is the beauty products, do is the greatest woman I recommend this program inside the product, because we see the program to find the teacher shows the recommended products, will go to Baidu search, there are many such programs, for example, I am a great beauty, beautiful bride, Hunan TV’s Encyclopedia said, when are you sure a product, best to index the keywords and long tail word http://s.tool.chinaz.com/baidu/words.aspx/ Webmaster Tools query, determine the products you want to do in the Good comparison between.

second step: select the appropriate site program

want to do many Taobao customers new targeted Taobao customers ZhengZhan API programs and web site navigation, in fact it is not a good choice, because API automatically update the guest program online too many people with duplicate content, take any one of the commodity search is a lot of pages, because the background is the automatic acquisition of Taobao page code commodity name almost not much change in content picture is exactly the same, although the owners save a lot of effort and looks very beautiful, do not need to update the product every day back, can you say that Baidu would love? Came to see the user clicks are the same, no more the user experience.

I recommend the use of zblog programs and Taobao single page generator to create a complete blog site. Zblog program is simple and compact space does not require the general asp space 100m enough for Taobao customers to use, domain name and space recommended to GoDaddy registration, exempt from filing cumbersome procedures that are open to use.

zblog program to use some of the advantages of Taobao SEO optimization plug-in:

static home generation plug-in

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