Online shopping online shopping spree to help people master seckill a second to earn 50 yuan

recruitment spike expert, a single success fifty." This kind of advertising in Chengdu, many communities and universities have to see. Click on the mouse quickly, in just a second, in order to ultra-low prices, buy online sellers of special goods, has become a lot of online shopping to make money in a new way. ‘spike’ is a way to sell online sellers of ultra low price goods, all buyers at the same time buying online." People in the industry to remind consumers to participate in the "seckill" not only to hand, still need to see clearly the product is not worth panic buying.

employers: spike difference can save thousands of

according to the telephone number provided on the recruitment notice, the reporter contacted the employer mr.. "I saw some of the shop offers, really attractive." Mr. Lu said, his special love online shopping, scouring the Internet for some cheap stuff recently, "seckill" this new term in many shop are very popular, but generally participate in the activities of the goods are relatively small, but the time is very short, "I saw a camera, the original price of 3000 yuan, the price spike was 500 multiple." Because before a few attempts have not been successful, so I thought of the recruitment network to help him.

Mr. Lu said, his inspiration from the recently users upload to the network video seckill: in the dim bar, dozens of users was staring at a computer screen, the screen display for everyone Taobao page, when 8 o’clock seckill begins, everyone quickly click to refresh the page. A minute later, from a corner came a roar: "my second to." Dozens of people quickly surrounded him, surrounded him. It is said that this lucky second friend spike to the HP notebook. While on the side of the employers are not happy spending, shouted "earned". "It is said that the spike allows employers to make a success of a few thousand dollars."

master: 50 yuan reward is actually too low

only need to sit in front of the computer for a while, to help the employer to buy goods will be able to earn 50 yuan, for such a reward, online shopping Daren toto, said: This is too low a reward." Toto, seckill is actually very eye mental examination work, although the success in just a few minutes, but must be started early, understand the seller’s law when pushing "seckill", but also on the computer hardware requirements are particularly high, if the discount rate is generally big, find a few people at the same time to grab the opportunity, big." Moreover, there are some shops play in "seckill" when the limited banner Xinjingroutiao. Panic buying more in name than in reality, and found the same goods seller "seckill", and the volume of more.

toto introduction, she had received a similar business, are in accordance with the transaction price and the market price difference to commission. "It is more than 50 yuan, before I had a computer one yuan seckill, royalty is 500 yuan!" said toto online shopping has many tricks, most online shopping will not be Master tens of dollars. "

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