Taobao customer site to promote some of the experience and skills to share


first off is not a simple matter, in fact, those who master skills not only skills, everyone has their own practices, in accordance with their own ideas to do, the results are successful, this is the so-called master skills! And don’t approach to the promotion of their revealed the. Just a personal point of view:

1 rational use of home page to do Taobao search

just started off without Taobao search, the main reason is that the individual has little effect, and later through expert advice, said the impact on income is relatively large, but also pay attention to search a bit, not too advertising, and to combine the good website style, the search box in front of the Amoy word best removed the best selection of mall search box, a single rate is relatively high.

2 single product promotion to promote relatively high volume of goods

to promote the high volume of goods are often more customers prefer, but also the general public favorite, it is best not to use their own eyes to choose goods. You can select the goods to be selected manually, the commission can not choose a low commodity, it depends on your own.

3 to make full use of the commodity introduction page

deal with the customer or more in the commodity introduction page, so to make full use of the product introduction page, can not let the customer feel is full of advertising, but also to make the product page can be read.

4 can do shopping channel

such as women’s channel, to all the women as the core, focus on women, to avoid what goods are put up, the most they can put some women related products, and website style and the combination of good content, form a whole, so that customers will not come in and exposure to the world outside the feeling of

5 Taobao link into the information among the

Some Taobao

station information content text is very rich, but there is no effective use of these information, there is a "click to enter" as many pictures on a website, for example, if we add a "buy this commodity" Taobao guest link in the picture, if the user when reading this article on the picture the goods are interested, just click, so as to improve the turnover rate, but this is a waste of time, should be targeted to link, if the picture is women, click to enter the mobile phone and so on the results is that there is no point.

the last point, no matter what has two sides. Although your Taobao guest website traffic is high, but not necessarily make money, in short, insist on is victory! Must insist!!!

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