Liu Erchuang Adwords content network is the greatest wealth

has been operating with a couple of friends Adwords search for, as we all know, the search to the flow of every day is limited, and there is a fierce competition of the natural products of the effect is not good, a piece of cake for 1 people completely eat a piece of cake, 10 people eat completely enough to eat, so that test day Google content network, will have the following contents: Liu Erchuang: Adwords network is the biggest wealth.

twenty-first Century, the network at present has been well developed, many people already have some judgment on the network of the true, the same product, display in a different page, who can win the market? The Google content network in China share so far at least 60%, can be said to unlimited traffic, a natural flow easier, then producing creative, OK, test the Google content network investment of around 800, the test results about 15 single transaction, the average profit per unit is less than 400, that is pure earn more than 3 thousand, some people say that the content network volume not, I admit. It is a search network, but the network price is low, personally think that the search network is better than completely (relatively more fierce competition, before the first contact with the product) When playing with industry the amount of traffic to operate a Adult supplies, but playing the amount of traffic is limited, but does not rule out the possibility of cheating, then spent 70 yuan a week flow also did not finish, only one day over more than and 100 IP, 500IP in a single turnover of about 70 yuan, a total turnover of 3 a single, single profit of around 300, net profit of around 800, during the course also do other things, concrete is not introduced, we should know not to hang in a tree.

said above these things, I want to be clear, do not only do the bidding search, mainly for the market to make the decision, the following are some of my views:

1: if the product competition is very intense, then I suggest you do Google content network.

2: test the truth, do not listen to others say, others say it is good to others, as long as they do not know the truth.

3: if you do a bottleneck in the search network of friends, you can do the search network in the case of the content network.

4: what not impossible, only you dare to


my personal technology is limited, but there is a way, is the execution, a friend said I write something very one-sided, personally think that the writing level is limited, and the reason is because some things do not need to write so that everyone is smart, you know it is good, I hope this article can to help some friends, do not listen to others to say, as long as the test of truth, the test is successful, I think you will have the greatest wealth.

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