A strong entrepreneurial team requires 3 prerequisites


joined the start-up company for more than a year, the biggest feeling is: no matter how good the individual must be integrated into a suitable team, to achieve maximum value; no matter how many outstanding individuals, must be the same direction, consensus, understand cooperation, into a strong team, have the opportunity to succeed.

this time, I have been thinking, how to burnish a strong entrepreneurial team, whether it is the company level, department level or project level. The reality is often, the company does not lack direction, no shortage of opportunities, lack of just one and another to be able to turn the vision of reality into a good team. How to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, combined with work experience, I have the following considerations.

a powerful Leader

this is the greatest prerequisite for polishing an excellent team. The key lies in how to understand the "strong" these three words. I think that "strong" needs the following elements: courage and determination, selfless, play…… However, courage is the first, but also my heart a qualified Leader the most valuable spiritual character. Any team will continue to face new goals, new challenges, especially in start-up companies, few people can see the future, to find a truly sustainable profit point. In the face of this huge uncertainty, other members, including even the Leader itself, will inevitably be frustrated, struggling, hesitant. So as leader must be brave enough, critical moment can stand out to break the deadlock, a voice shouted: do it! Brave then outrightly, toward the goal without wavering, will perform in place.

some people might say that if the wrong choice how to do wrong?. According to the average life expectancy of the domestic private enterprises 2~3 years, 6% of the Internet start-up business of commercial liquidity, the vast majority of entrepreneurs who set out at the moment, is nothing but a dead. It’s a bit of a loss, but success is really accidental. In addition, a qualified Leader also need to be selfless and play, to know that the team is responsible for the company’s biggest responsibility.

full consensus based on the 35 core members

at least the current situation is that almost all successful entrepreneurial team, there are 35 core members as absolute support. In recent years, the division of labor is also becoming more and more clear description, CEO understand the strategy, CTO understand technology, COO know how to operate, etc.. Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Chuanzhi and…… Jobs, the proven expert, have on various occasions expressed the importance of the core team. Liu Chuanzhi has been the team in the first place, and then setting strategy, with the team. Lei Jun millet do in the early days, the maximum energy is used to attract seven core members. Zhou Hongyi is also the most respected Jobs’s Theory: most of the success is to find a real talent. Not B level, C level talent, but a real class a talent." Earlier, many investors are also used to express