Taobao plans to build the blue whale blew elite webmaster


Alliance Program ( the blue whale is to provide a variety of special service for the VIP website, including special advertising optimization services and data analysis services, as Taobao alliance partners, to experience the Taobao diamond quality advertising group, e-commerce certification to maximize the value of the advertising value of the CPX mode, Taobao authority, have the opportunity to enjoy Taobao the high-end party and give priority to participate in the training of right. It is reported that the "blue whale plan" will be put on the original mode of doing more new attempt, including targeted optimization of various directional big brand launch, display, according to the website visitors search product tracking advertising record lasted for the classification of vertical sites by the new service, many webmaster involved in online recognition.

now officially began open beta, beta in the process is as follows:

1 creative / Channel / smart match:

1) registered Taobao alliance account W=p_10979813& p=& f=, advertising, and layout on the website in the blank page to activate (that no flow)

2) submit an application in the excellent alliance platform (intelligent matching please get a form or [email protected] to download a single product within the application form)

3) intelligent matching: waiting for the audit, the flow of

after notification


4) creative library / channel

every Tuesday, four, in the excellent alliance platform member center to view the audit, see the following information, mm_16237225_2213292_8705699 can put the corresponding ad placement on the normal page (on the flow)

click on the "recommended: on creative advertising, creative ideas or channel selection library;

landing Taobao union background, in the corresponding ad Click custom ads on the line creative


2 new web site, please click the member center – add the site (including new ad), to add


3 community collaboration

1) creative library / Channel / intelligent matching cooperation:

follow the first point

2) spike, buy and other activities:

traffic is higher than 10 thousand PV forum, interested parties can submit the appropriate network >

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