Google Adsense is no longer the cradle of our money

Google Adsense, has given many grassroots to bring hope, take the dream. Now, I personally think, Google Adsense is no longer the cradle of Chinese grassroots dream. Now the Google Adsense a month to not No. 20, in the title, the owners of hard-earned money obviously not cheating, cast to the wind, you say what the invalid clicks, for this letter for you, can you give it what?! we except in the depressed, but many friends said that writing can be restored and now it is one of the few, not by mail reply, you need to submit online, submit, only return to a auto reply, I want to do this, and Baidu mailbox is a kind, just to give you an automatic reply, there can be no people to see the letter, to see your question, nobody will give you a reply


my account is also good, 24 can also log in, because busy preparing to go to school, the evening of the number 25 on the line, but found that can not log on, the page has been refreshed, I think, bad. I quickly went to the site to look at the ads placed on the look at the sky, the contents of the page does not show the ads. I went to the landing account Google Adsense account to see, and there is no GG to the mail ah, I still have a chance to take this opportunity to think that there is a problem with the GG there temporarily. At this time I went to the landing, this time you can land, but it is shown that the quote account has been disabled.

the Adsense account corresponding to this logon information is currently disabled…… /quote

… Also did not say why stop my account, the mailbox of the junk mail folder also did not believe, this is like a dummy eat Coptis – there can not tell!

yesterday, I also submitted to the GG online consultation, but the letter is an automatic reply.

I’m not holding a lot of expectation waiting to be lifted. That’s 2000. Months of income. That’s what I did for GG for a couple of months. Now, GG and Baidu, is no longer our grassroots Yisifumu, we only have to stand well, bigger is really looking for is to find the best advertising, monthly, less union. Because the money has not yet come to our pocket, is not ours, others always have reason to take back, we can not afford to get back.

Google Adsense is now in a blocked account, really chilling!

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