Ever adhere to industry ethics refused to lure the interests of The horse refused to start from o

Adhere to industry ethics, reject the temptation of profit. The horse refused to, start from our webmaster.

A, preface

if you installed antivirus software can monitor the machine main directory. Then you will find. In the course of the day when you surf the Internet, there have been many times when you open the web page, there will be.Exe.dll files to your computer. You have to worry about whether the QQ will be stolen. Online banking security. The next game equipment will not belong to you. Whether you and intimate photos will not easily become among the joke of others. The speed of the machine is more and more slow, and every time the anti-virus is always alarm. Some poisonous card, even if you nuodun, Jiang Min, rising all are not deleted. Your poison is much higher than before. You can’t say for sure that your machine has no virus.

how the virus is so rampant poison really make us part geometry, and in this field to make the game the desperation of the majority of Internet users and hated plays what role?The

two, horse, interest?

a game account password mail is an envelopeHow much is an envelope

to several angles ranging from 5 yuan from 3.5 yuan, of an envelope.

they found the website home page has always been to no avail. Horse killing using a variety of tools. Change and add. Added and changed. Under extremely depressed redo system, but still be changed. Helpless in the home page message. The man contacted me. I just know what happened in the end.

Second, Trojan my machine in

every three steps, who won the server I manage the account name and password through the Trojan

Fourth, the change of web page trojan. To get the game account to sell stolen equipment. While selling envelopes to make money. Just this week. He has earned more than 20 thousand!

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