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Sjolund, has invested in harbor networks and Suntech Wuxi Shao Jun: do entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs.

      "the establishment of Ronco did not want the biggest reward is Suntech." Sitting in a Shanghai restaurant in downtown, Shao Jun said neither fast nor slow.

      Shao Jun is now the identity of the German capital partners. March 2006, and old partner Tian Lixin co founded with the capital. At that time, two people in Shanghai where the industry’s DragonTech ventures are in intense media attention, the investment of private enterprises in Wuxi Suntech landed in New York stock market soon, when its founder Shi Zhengrong was chasing the interview, behind the scenes of the investors are from behind the push to the front of the stage, Shao Jun has become the object of the spotlight chase.

      a long branch next investment plan pryer in people waiting for them to come in a throng, shot again, two people decided to own — the establishment of "de Chinese with investment fund" (DT Capital Partners).

      Wuxi Suntech’s successful listing, creating a new generation of China’s richest man, but also to broaden the focus of the field of venture capital, but Suntech success model is difficult to copy. "We do not want to replicate the experience of solar energy, but want to copy this forward-looking." Shao Jun on the first financial daily said. But Suntech’s investors believe that the new energy and energy-saving technologies will be extended to become a huge investment opportunities in the future.

      replication prospective success model

      Suntech listing is a win-win situation, its chairman and chief executive officer became the "richest man", the company has entered the next round of development track; and Goldman a party on behalf of the investors also exited in Losangeles built a house of their own, covered with Suntech solar integral Shao Jun; Ronco also started their own business — the establishment of germany.

      the success of the Suntech case is attracting many entrepreneurs to follow Shi Zhengrong’s footsteps. But Shao Jun believes that Suntech’s success is difficult to copy, because venture capital from the input to the return of the 3~5 year cycle, continue to chase solar projects is not wise. "Not necessarily in the field of solar energy, we do not want to copy the experience of solar energy, but rather want to copy this forward-looking, mining other areas."

      timing and mentality of both, is the former management personnel Ronco decided to get out of the same reason Ronco, founder of germany.

      Germany was founded in March 2006 to raise funds of $130 million, currently has four partners, Shao Junhe is a managing partner of the venture capital from China ()

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