Forum community advertising should be as fair as TV commercials

has been, how to make money and advertising community forum is a problem that we are very concerned about, a lot of webmasters have experienced this, the forum is too little profit, relying on the traditional click advertising is also very little.

I think the advertising community should be like TV ads, with monthly, weekly, day billing.

community has loyal users, but also has a lot of traffic, relying on the traditional click advertising is really not fair.

is particularly like a picture or Flash advertising, advertising itself to the owner to the brand influence, image, popularity and other aspects of the role of publicity, so it should be in the show at the same time pay publicity.

is like a TV ad, it is impossible for each audience will be associated with the product in the ad, but at least have seen that each audience has a print, and has been to the brand promotion effect.

so the traffic is more suitable for the forum to do brand promotion advertising, and not suitable for attracting traffic or attract click ads.

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