Make every day a hundred and eighty thousand yuan P flow station still April

IP day, eighty station can make money on the part of the webmaster, it is difficult to do, especially the month earns 1000 yuan. I think that a small number of people may earn more, I do not know what way they earn, but here, I would like to say how I do.

my station is the station, selling computer paper, the number of no more than 500 articles, ZhengZhan page number is about 1000, of course Baidu, GG included is pitiful, every day from Baidu, GG IP is so dozens, plus friendship connection brought traffic and the occasional propaganda brought do online traffic together are not more than 100 IP, so to the site from now, always is such a poor little flow situation.

I know a little bit of SEO, the site, the site will be deliberately made the optimization of the home page, the site’s key words are ranked in the first few pages of Baidu or even the first page. Although every day wandering the turn from the Baidu IP at around 100, but each to my website users are nine out of ten needs to buy this station, not long, began to buy the user. At the same time, I also opened a shop on TAOBAO. Later, I found that some users of the paper needs more special, so I carried out the paper made business.

and I usually also do some high quality friendship connection, now the PR value has reached 3, each month by selling connection, can earn a eighty yuan.

in this way, the monthly income gradually pull up, from the beginning of the hundreds of pieces, to the peak season of 1, $2 thousand, I also enjoy the high flow and those sites to make money as happy.

actually, I just want to tell some small webmaster to write this article, website of many kinds of way to make money, not only to improve website traffic one way only, of course, increase website traffic is every webmaster including me the goal of everyone.


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