The breakdown of several key details of Taobao money off

if this is a Wangzhuan era, as it is the popular Taobao off the Taobao era, customers this year really can use Han Qiaosheng’s words "Thunderbolt" classic lines to describe the. A lot of people from the Taobao business, Taobao from the guest family, through the Taobao off day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan is not a few, even the Qingdao SEO Taobao customers when this part-time can earn hundreds of yuan, of course, not every day this month, earn two thousand or three thousand or no problem, personal feeling is more satisfied. So, those who can do a full time Taobao guest can imagine, certainly more than I earn. There is so much interest to, who can not be tempted? Naturally, let more people to engage in the occupation of the guest of Taobao, Taobao has become a leader in the guest Wangzhuan project will be not at all surprising.

Qingdao SEO in Amoy also a year more time, this year also summed up some experience, personal feeling good in the promotion at the same time there are some other details need attention, especially the novice friends, just enter this line, a long time not to earn money should seek to find a cause, see I summarize the following points if you noticed.

1, Taobao customers don’t just look at the commission percentage of sellers set (here mainly refers to the high commission to do single product promotion of Tao guest), many guest background in the League when searching for products only at the Commission is between 30%-50%, while ignoring the price of the product itself. Single product promotion is generally relatively large profit margins, we choose single product promotion and do API promotion, because API 10 turnover may be less than a single product transaction we earn more, so here follow a principle, do not choose single product promotion of less than 100 yuan of products, products the price of natural high commission is also higher.

2, Taobao customers do not look at the specific number of products to promote the sale of the background, depending on how much the average number of transactions per product is the Commission, the Commission is consistent with the seller’s commission. This I think is more important, a lot of novice and veteran will often commit, do not pay attention to the promotion of such a product, and finally found that the Commission was a lot less turnover. For example, a freckle products sales price is 160 yuan, the Commission is set to 40%, the equivalent of each product about commission is 64 yuan (according to Taobao membership grades, the Commission on may have a little different, but very small, negligible), promotion of the number 200, shows the total expenditure of the Commission is more than 6000 yuan, see the promotion of quite a lot of Amoy friends, but the Commission is 40% not too low, and then promote it, but you see the total commission? According to the actual calculation of 200 products × 64 yuan per piece =128000 yuan total Commission, why he always the Commission is only 6000 yuan? The most Commission where the actual one is? We found that buyers may give the seller a discount when purchasing products, or sellers have been engaged in half price promotions etc.. So, seemingly 40% high Yongting gold, but the actual figure, last > Commission

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