Some advice to the novice webmaster do Wangzhuan


said I was a webmaster, but I do is the time is not very long, I also began to turn to the forum, but sometimes I found some of his date of birth is also written in the writing and the stationmaster, the money has nothing to do, but he wrote what has nothing to do with me, the key is thinking. Find a good idea. I think there are many owners still do what CPC, CPS, CPA, CPM, advertising, and try to see who is also doing the webmaster write this kind of article, others write like who are more than blowing cattle, cut income, simply said, is extremely simple, simply leaving the QQ number to let others with his Q, or send an offline address in this connection, I want to tell those who are reading these articles webmaster friends. Please leave now!

there is really some content of the Wangzhuan article, however, you may think of the brain -?! please note this way, others have to earn money, the model has been in the past.

may also have some friends do not believe Oh, (for the novice webmaster). I said my personal opinion. Those who give direct connection left the address or QQ number is the man I say to see others outdated Wangzhuan articles, followers, why those people who always have to make money but outdated tell us? Some is to pull off the assembly line, some are purely personal problems to their already had the brain ~ ~ on this I despise people under the renowned, for those novice Wu guide, they did not get what benefits, just like in real life, people ask, give him a wrong direction.

I see my article to

Adsense a word: " everyone is selfish, don’t think of free lunch " I love on a TV ad: who knows to < < who do who know > > I don’t want to disclose my income and because I can’t disclose, not what help to you, don’t you believe, do not believe in you is useless, the key is money into their own hands is the reality of the.

I personally do not recommend Adsense to do advertising alliance, even if your traffic is amazing. If you cut to pay attention, you will see a lot of good points are doing monthly or pack years to do business advertising, advertising alliance deduction amount, and unstable, or money is often some things. In this I have to scold me, scold advertising alliance, is those who do not abide by the rules of the advertising alliance, fucking enough to die, others hard for you to do, you will secure earn your money on the line, but also the amount deducted. I don’t know when they’re eating.

I write this article the main purpose is to remind the new Adsense, and would like to rectify, such a bad atmosphere. Though I know not what to do their own, but I hope every webmaster can comment on the forum or place, carefully left a few words, for those who publish false information in the article, hit it hard, let everyone know his true colors, let those who pull off the assembly line does not exist, is not.

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