Master Meng Bing West Entrepreneurship repeatedly sell hamburger has been successful Tencent abandon

yesterday, in the "China entrepreneur" conference, founder of the West master Meng Bing made a speech, he said that he had dropped out in the business, the Tencent spent 1 years, and then went to the middle of the Baidu, a technology company, has also done a lot of other projects have failed, only to sell hamburger is successful, after the success of the old club by mind, said to resign sell hamburger shameful waste of resources.


The following

for Bangladesh soldiers speech excerpts:

I was the founder of the West master Meng Bing, I do this project before the Tencent and Baidu work, but also cross-border entrepreneurship. Now we have created a fast food franchise category, performance in the industry has a more alarming data, we hope to have more exchanges.

written about entrepreneurship

when reading out the school after graduation because I was working in a Tencent for more than a year, and then to Baidu. In fact, the work is also good, including career development is relatively smooth. But why is it possible to start a business? I think it’s a life choice. It’s a totally different way of life. In fact, when I was in high school, I have a little business, after the concept of entrepreneurship, I hope I can have a career, it is not working, it can be when you grow old, even if you had not at the time, but you can do is to stay, it is meaningful, that you came to this world. Not only is the annual salary in a good company, and then let oneself have a good life. I think it’s probably not that big.

when I was a child I feel more confident, I feel that compared with others, may have more ability, of course, may be a lot of children have such ideas. If you think you are different, you should take on more and do something different from others. When we were young, we learned to "reach the world", I do not think you really want to have a very rich or energy, and now the community is particularly good. We are born in this era, we can create something. Spider Man movie, there is a word, the more the more the ability of nature. I want to be a company, make a brand. Whether it is reading, or in Baidu, Tencent. I think I go to Baidu, Tencent, I learned how others do the company, the company can make what look like. This is my biggest harvest, but also an important reason for my work.

I did a technology company to do a lot of projects, but also failed, but the business has not stopped. In April 8th of this year, we opened the first store, which should be a success in many of my projects. Up to now, now 8 months. There are many traditional industry predecessors, they understand our business data, do very well.

in fact, we have been telling others, although we now have 5 stores, but our goal is an international terminal brand, do a national brand, >

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