Profiteering industry small profits website

as the saying goes: the election of the industry to make a lot of money! Website, the truth is the same, but very much now the network entrepreneurs do not understand this sentence, always do what what industry hot industry, the result is keep going by painstaking effort. Here to share some of the small profits I saw some small industry sites, may give you inspiration.

first, pharmaceutical investment

pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, you can search "Medicine Merchants" on Google, and then look at the row in front of the site, do not, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. I have a student to do such a site, the flow is not large, every day thousands of traffic, but the word drug investment in the top5, so the monthly advertising revenue easily a few million. Of course, some of the company’s relatively good operation, there are a lot of millions per month.

two, the industry

network game industry is huge, around the network game profits small website very much, so the industry website servers, these sites are super simple, may be a web page, packed all advertising, this website, as long as the first page in Baidu Google, whether it is love or other PW, advertising revenue more than 100 thousand month is easy. A web page, a monthly income of 100 thousand or more. It is said that one of the more well-known PW publishing site, every year tens of millions.

PW website can be so huge profits, the main reason is it industry profits, the Internet friend said, set up a PW in their own Internet cafes, Internet cafes to play simply within the Internet, selling equipment revenues are much higher than the access fee.

three, game currency sales

WOW in the world’s hot, but also brought a seemingly small, but the market is super huge industry, is the virtual game equipment international trade. In English Google, Yahoo wow gold and other search keywords, you can see this kind of website is very much, basically have SEO, these sites are very simple, but the profit ability, will make many people feel surprised, the most powerful companies are hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

four, gay website

last year, one day, there are two people to my company website to me things, they ask me to know rainbow? I said I don’t know, they explain to me for a long time, they want to be a gay website, so I use the word "gay" in the Google search at see, a row of two sites in the front, the above advertisement was shocked, the two site is a simple web site navigation, but advertising is definitely harder than hao123 NB, a web advertising has hundreds of ads that are pornographic edge, price nature is not low. So so >

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