How do earn 300RMB a day

I do

station has been three years, from a rookie into today’s old dish. The scenery, a day can earn 300RMB, then our station is only 3000IP, although traffic is not high, but I make full use of this traffic, how did I do? I simply say something, let the new owners know the website a few can do income.

I was doing a shopping network, with a half a month, it was pushed in the Baidu third, when the keyword of the Baidu index has a fixed number of 3000IP has been good.

1, the first phase, in order to let Baidu have a good impression, I did not hang any advertising, just rely on selling products to make money, there are hundreds of transactions a day, an average of about 150 RMB per day. This is basic.

2, the second stage, the site’s normal collection, I hung up the GG ad, click rate is very high, 3%~10%, when I was really afraid of being GGK off. There are 50 RMB a day (about 7 knives).

3, a month later, I added a SP ad, the answer is to take the prize and signature. Speaking of that SP advertising is really amazing, most users will spend more than 6. There are about more than and 10 users a day, so count down, there are more than 50 a day.

4, at that time, I added a web game alliance, 30% commission. A day of registered users have more than and 100, the amount of each recharge is uncertain, sometimes more and sometimes less, the best is that these users can accumulate. When the money is filled with commission. That’s an average of more than and 30 dollars a day.

5, according to my customer’s purchasing power, I added Taobao Amoy advertising, advertising and commission. This income is not much.

I do is mainly in these areas, but first to explain, do not hang too much JS advertising, easy to be Baidu K. If you do not know how to apply for a union account, you can find me privately, or the Internet to find information, as a new generation of webmaster, we must know how to use the resources of the network. Knowledge of the network is updated every day, so we have to go from time to time on the amdin5. this is my new station, forwarding friends, please bring my link, thank you. Note: This article is the author of the original article, Admin5 is the first, I hope the king can be transferred to the map.

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