Share my master earned 3000 yuan a day of combat experience

is a master at his old geek, QQ:864002174 knew that he was for many years the Internet, he said: in the network, as long as there are good things, as long as you will let others know the good stuff, you can make money through the network. He said the most critical part of the sale of products, followed by the method.

he says selling things on the internet. First of all, we must make their own things for money, enough to attract and impress others, others will be willing to risk money to us, otherwise, a good marketing strategy, good promotion, cheat you forever do not make money, is also not at ease. Do business on the network, reputation is the most important, absolutely can not deceive customers. Because the credibility will allow you to get the respect of customers, will make more friends, will let you sell more confidence and clout. No matter how good the site, and then a good means of promotion, lost credibility, sooner or later will collapse.

is my last year and I master a piece of it, when he is engaged in the site, the domain name is registered in June 15th 08, the master of the practice is the specialized sales network marketing software to crack, as long as the network with mass promotion and related software, he went to collect finishing, and then provided to members download and use, and to engage in a software download site, this software download station is indeed quite out of the ordinary, humanization, no wonder then I saw a lot of people are in imitation of this software products.

he is very low-key, never say he is a master, but I have always admired him. His site less than a month, it was included in the Baidu more than 500 pages, the first GOOGLE update on the PR2, and a lot of keywords have been ranked in the first page of the search engine.

the first month of income, very shy, only 3000, he said, this is normal, has been considered a good start, in the past second months, with more than $8000 in revenue, he said, the challenge has just begun. During that time, we do SEO optimization, updating the content of the site, mass promotion, it is really hard to be very interesting. Look at the ranking gradually increased, increasing the number of visits, a sense of accomplishment. Third months, our revenue exceeded 20 thousand. Fourth months, revenue also exceeded $30 thousand. The highest monthly software revenue, close to 60 thousand yuan, even now, but also to maintain the income of more than $1000 / day.

summarize the focus of Wangzhuan, nothing more than the following:

1, relying on the site’s SEO, get a good site rankings, bringing a lot of high intention customer access. (absolute core of SEO is the best static station website program, must be able to generate static pages,


2, our software is registered for customized machine, spend 1000 dollars each month, and to share with members, each month on average less than 20 yuan, so the value for money.

3, the use of the software can be copied, and create the largest one

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