The first overbearing domestic first video Alliance

the first

video first handed Alliance

I have been a small business one column there are about 30 thousand daily IP to do the first half although video Alliance said revenue from more to less but has always insisted put more revenue is now used in the Internet to see the first video account was closed the door without complaint articles, but I thought this matter should not fall into my regular post it did not look to do it.

every day and most of the owners do the similar thing, update the website advertising revenue, look at the statistics, yesterday (October 13th) suddenly received the first video of a email title "broadcast net Commission notice (important)"

content into

XX, hello

first, thank you very much for your attention and support for the first video network


due to your website’XXXX’violation, the reasons are as follows:

network technology background monitoring found your site data anomalies

therefore, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the first video network, the network has been deducted from your current Commission on October 6, 2008 to 12, and the termination of cooperation with you and illegal sites since the termination date of the cooperation of the illegal sites no longer pay commission on October 13, 2008. We will delete the code in violation of the site within 3 days, I hope you cooperate with the first video network work will be illegal website code deleted.

at the same time, please according to the requirements of the network and modify all of your registered website, to ensure that your other pages are in line with our provisions, to avoid violations. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center. Customer service Tel: 010-62680088

customer service Q Q:296233930, 564695444

mailbox: [email protected]

October 13, 2008

was very depressed, how abnormal data? What is the name of the data anomaly? Can not understand, quickly add customer service QQ asked about the situation as usual and then asked the other first sentence reply

(2008-10-13 15:50:00) network customer service I

Hello, what is your user name (Customer Service Center No. 324 for you)

I at heart sank because (see No. 324 customer service center service for you, how I feel) and China Mobile, the China Telecom’s customer service phone, I feel that my appeal does not have the door at this time, then they just learned that customer service in the communication, the need to email their [email protected] mailbox center need to provide data evidence of abnormal transmission in the past.

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