Analysis of how to achieve the new owners monthly income of thousands of

as a contact Wangzhuan year people, I always think he is stupid, is the rookie novice webmaster. However, after six months of exploration, this month as of September 15th revenue has reached 661 yuan, I believe this month can break through a thousand dollars. Let me tell you how I did it.


see this screenshot, we are not unfamiliar, yes, I admit that I was once Taobao customers, many webmaster Wangzhuan way a contemptuous disregard. But I still want to say, do Taobao guest is to earn money. I often go to the webmaster forum, always can see no income Adsense in hesitation, want to give up? Income less webmaster complain, why not go to the web traffic? I often complain about myself, why I do more than half a year, even the space domain no money earn? But complaining useful? No! Tomorrow is to eat ah, holidays or to send home money, how to do? Find a way


I do before the Taobao site, there are income, but only two hundred or three hundred yuan per month, a lot of turnover, but low commission. So I started from the Commission to find a high commission products. Many webmasters have thought that the Commission is nothing more than the weight loss of the product, and now the Internet is such a site, the novice webmaster simply plug in, do not necessarily earn money. So there are no other products, not popular, but the Commission is not low?. Only need to look carefully webmaster friends, always find the right product. The next step is to register a new domain name associated with the product, to build a simple website to promote your products.

promotion, we all have a coup, I am also a novice in this regard, knowing the promotion, in the Baidu Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu space etc.. But the effect is not bad, every day from Baidu know above to IP also have dozens. In fact, almost all of my site traffic from Baidu up, because people with Baidu, there is a demand, he has doubts, or want to know this thing, will use Baidu search, see Baidu know the problem. Think about their usual, is not this kind of thinking to buy something for fear of being cheated, so Baidu search, look at other people’s evaluation, look at how to identify counterfeit products. Anyway, I’m like this.

below I will combine examples, talk about my approach:

1, to find the right to promote products or shops, high commission, good quality, long-term to do, the Baidu index in more than 100, and the competitiveness is not. For the novice webmaster, it is best to have almost no competition, so that the keywords can be ranked. Recommended to choose from Taobao mall flagship store to promote. My promotion is Zeping cosmeceutical flagship store.

2, buy a domain name, build a website, the best page simple, SEO optimization, search engine friendly site. I use >

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