Secret porn pseudo two Sunzhao website profit

I love love to study, what others do, in this case I found pornographic websites (including pseudo porn) two way of making money (of course more than two), now revealed to everyone, let everyone know that porn sites inside, in order to avoid the net people cheated!

1, naked chat

I see on a XX site on a naked chat propaganda, even claimed to be free to see thirty seconds, free registration, satisfaction and then pay.

try holding the psychological, registered, and then select it, really the video, but the video was widely circulated on the internet.

if it is the most common Internet users, their ability to judge very much, to see this really believe that, but will go to register, oh, the money is so deceived.

2, induced

in my other article, I also talked about inducing this keyword. Some web page design and the closed pornographic web pages let outsiders see as like as two peas for gospel truth! Quickly registered, well, the trap came, basically a IP he can earn a few bucks to see what is going on:

into the registration page, providing two registration methods:

1, in order to avoid malicious registration, please enter the phone to verify the true identity, no charges, only after authentication;

2, your IP has been recorded, the XXX link is now sent to your thirty friends, you will automatically register.

if you choose the first mobile phone, of course will be deducted from the money, second, gave him the publicity, among the thirty friends to someone with a mobile phone registered will naturally make money, no registration, website traffic up, but also extended in a circular manner.

well, there are some methods of porn scam, hope everyone to learn. We also hope we can thus extended to how to do their own station, how to use the user curiosity to get traffic, but do not do illegal things.

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