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The enterprise is in crisis, often will initiate self-help movement, in the midst of the CIO how to deal with?

This is the first of several

although this year Chen Yongsheng led the Ministry of information construction of complete information system for the company, and received unanimous approval. Internal recognition did not allow Chen Yongsheng to stop looking for the best way to support the development of the Ministry of information. He believes that the Ministry of information should have to provide information application services (ASP) function, so that not only can achieve self-sufficiency goals, but also to retain the backbone. But the business model of the past that Chen dibite Yongsheng cannot realize this idea. This restructuring is to give him a good opportunity for the development of the reform sector model. "Because the three big center to operate independently, the Ministry of information as a functional department of the group’s needs and service in three centers, we can implement them with the" user pays "mode, do the market in accordance with the contract, and reasonable.

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