Lei Jun because of fear of falling behind to change the habit of napping

Lei Jun is one of the first batch of programmers Chinese IT industry, to become the general manager of Kingsoft, 30 years old, also founded the first domestic electricity supplier website joyo.com, 2007 began to get involved in angel investment, the formation of a "company Lei system China group in the Internet industry. Is such a person in the outside world seems to achieve success and win recognition after the age of 40, he started from scratch and founded a new company, millet technology, because Lei Jun has not forgotten 18 years old dream of creating a world-class enterprise. He once said that people are great because of dreams, and now rely on the dream of millet as a driving force, with amazing speed to a great company.

most of the time a book can affect a person’s life at the age of 18, Lei Jun in the university library to read the "Silicon Valley fire", let him know that the apple co-founder Steve · Jobs, the more excited factor on entrepreneurship in his heart, do a like apple in a stream of enterprises, have become the Lei the biggest dream.

university has not graduated into a million households

I am the computer department of Wuhan University on 1987, Wuhan is the earliest establishment of College of computer science department. In high school, I have not thought about future work as a programmer, after entering the university computer as a professional, because I was a good friend of the Department of computer science, in order to have more common language and the friend, I also chose the computer system.

in my impression, a lot of celebrities are famous in the University, I also want to take advantage of the opportunity to prove my university. I have the habit of taking a nap, but when students do not take a nap on reading, nap habits. I am particularly afraid of falling behind, afraid that once I fall behind, I can not catch up with, I am not a good person in the face of adversity. I will first think of a thing very thorough, the purpose is not to let themselves into adversity, I was the first to make themselves invincible, and then start again.

after a period of study, I found that I love to write programs, computers are far less complicated. If your program is well written, you can have a good relationship with the computer, you can command the computer to do what you want to do. When you sit in front of a computer, you are traveling in their own kingdom, this day is simply a heavenly day.

I studied computer is started from the "global room", the school’s computer, I have every day in the room, if one class not to, I will go with the air out of the computer; if someone does not understand, I borrow the opportunity with a computer instruction; it is not, just sit while watching.

bubble room must be an hour ahead of the queue in front of the door, there is no heating in winter in Wuhan, very cold, but the room must wear slippers, so often cold shivering. Later I went too frequently, so that the room administrator to see me directly, without demur to blow out.

university freshman

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