A 10 million financing side of salmon why so lucky

focus on Internet financial information services Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Beijing snowball snowball Finance), and former Morningside capital, Sequoia Fund Chinese signed an investment contract, B round of $10 million investment. This company in 11 years earlier by former deputy editor of NetEase founded Sequoia side of salmon has 20 million yuan A round of investment.

Fang Sanwen never denied that his luck. He doesn’t like those Kudachoushen entrepreneurs, always complain about the success or put down on the luck, attributed to the efforts of the.

for example, he would like to change a larger office space, but find a lot of places are not ideal. Finally one day, they can not stand, ready to move, the results on this day, the company next door business, moved out. So in less than 24 hours, on the side of salmon run formalities, rented the office next door. Here spacious bright, enough to have two times the original office, not only to meet the needs, but also removed the moving Laughton.

founder of the "snowball finance" is located in Zhongguancun SOHO, won the famous angel investor Xue Manzi investment was founded, now only the first round of financing, there have been 20 million yuan from Sequoia into account. Because there is no financial pressure, snowball finance has no dedicated sales staff. Until recently, there are many advertisers need to receive, three talent find a colleague to do the original administrative responsible for sales. This is not a serious matter of the sale of the company, actually have their own ads to the door. These advertising revenue has been able to cover the operating costs of 60%-70%. Fang Sanwen sleep every day to wake up naturally, at seven in the evening to work, and dinner with his family, the weekend can also climb a mountain with friends.



, with big eyes and bushy eyes lips, platyrrhiny tall Taiwanese people is just too lucky?

Chinese University graduate, has served in the "Southern Weekend", "twenty-first Century economic report", "Southern Metropolis Daily" and other traditional media. Deputy editor in chief of NetEase, director of the news center of the experience of the Internet to develop his keen sense of the product, but also to bring him a variety of resources. As a U.S. stock investors, the market can not find to meet the information needs of his website: the vast majority of information is not complete, the updates are not timely, and even many of them are two or three quarters before the news. At the same time, the current financial reports from the two main channels, one is the non professional media do, in general the viewpoint of "chaos, very professional; one from the investment bank, but too deep, and most of the user’s needs are often intermediate between the two. Fang decided to do it himself. The second half of 2010, when the side of salmon and his colleagues from the NetEase to take over the development of the site basically completed, good luck came, China stocks listed in the United States together, being favorable for investors. Snowball finance fire up. Fang Sanwen used the "golden" to describe their entrepreneurial opportunities. To be sure, we have all experienced it with us

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