do 240 thousand yuan website list business process

A few days before the accident this slip of the tongue, said Wang made a list of tens of thousands, you may have some doubts, some friends let me through, today there is time to recall the business process, please a lot of advice.

My name currently serving in Qingdao Tianshan Wang, a Internet Co, age more than 26, IT in nearly four years. My office is a Internet Co of Qingdao’s oldest city, for several years in succession for the AUCMA / Hisense / Haier / Tsingtao Brewery and other well-known companies to provide Internet technical support services, basically Qingdao Internet Co in the "leading", ha ha, said that these are not necessarily related to what to do publicity, and the relationship between these business, so this is the premise.

the customer about the situation: This is an investment nature of the unit, the unit staff a total of less than 15 people, mainly staff of three, is a director of leadership of the unit, the two is the two deputy director of the unit in charge of different work, my main business and communication a deputy director of the.

the next morning I went out of the car, after nearly 1.5 hours of bumps along the way to the customer, meet, the other is a 34 / 5 year old middle-aged man, handsome appearance, good physical condition, with the future Association (and the fact that the overall quality of the people are very good, I) note that in one corner of the office on a grip rod and dumbbell, I thought, this person can be more love sports, after a greeting, I get my first confident will introduce the strength of the company (of course, do not rule out a little exaggerated ingredients), he is listening to bow polite, intermediate occasionally ask a few questions, then introduce the company to the customer and website construction ideas, I borrow the opportunity to pretend the water surprised to find that the fitness equipment, "the director asked *, blame You can not be so good, so you often exercise a, this sentence has a very good effect, so we left the topic of business, with nearly two hours.

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